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Consulting Foresters Professional Liability

Consulting foresters are highly-trained professionals who perform a wide range of services to help landowners successfully manage their forest resources and maximize the economic value of their land. While most professional foresters make every effort to perform their services with a safe and satisfactory outcome, negligent acts can occur while performing these services or as a result of these services. That makes obtaining a professional liability policy critical to the safety and well being of consulting foresters.

Individuals who interact with clients in a professional environment need professional liability insurance. In our litigious environment, the close work by a consultant with others can open the door to accusations of misconduct.

Our professional liability insurance is designed to protect those employed as consultants in the forestry industry from the inherent risks they face in their daily job. Coverage is written on an Occurrence basis.

Two limits of liability for professional liability coverage are available: $500,000 and $1,000,000.

The Professional Liability Program covers a wide range of professional services including
(but not limited to):

- Boundary Lines of Surveying

- Forest Managment Plans

- Growth Studies

- Property Inspections

- Reforestation

- Timber Cruising

- Timber Inventory

- Timber Sales

- Wildlife Management

- Real Estate Transfers not involving the requirement of a real estate license

Excess coverage is provided for the following professional services:

- Controlled Burning

- Herbicide Application

- Pesticide Application


If you are interested in receiving a free, no-obligation quote, or simply have questions about the program, complete ou request form or call (800) 658-7047.


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